"When Wendy Sue first tried her hand at toffee, it was just for fun. Thirteen years of perfection, however, deserves an outlet. So seven years ago she began selling her sweets, with her biggest supporter—her father—at her side. (Do the math—she’s been making the stuff for two decades now!) Ever since she began selling it, she’s had a following of loyal toffee eaters who can’t get enough.

Wendy Sue’s toffee is topped with a layer of chocolate (naturally) with chopped nuts on top. The texture of the toffee is smooth—never grainy—the flavor is spot on, and the entire experience is heavenly. One bite and you’ll understand why Wendy Sue’s was the attendee favorite for toffee at last year’s Utah Chocolate Show."

- Utah Chocolate Show
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All toffee is homemade by Wendy Sue Bayless of Lindon, Utah
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